Monday, September 12, 2011

HUGE 50 cm Leader class Optimus Prime KO!!

This is a 50CM or 19.6 inch tall Optimus Prime figure from oversea's. It's a knock-off but I am told it is top quality and identical to Hasbro/Takara's quality. You can bet when this bad boy arrives I'll give it a special review.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Teaser WIP Ultimate DOTM leader Optimus!

Just a little teaser of some of the more extensive mods so far...

What do you think?

LEGO Mini-figs Series 5 hits!

They finally show up, this is one of the best series so far. There are many more, but the blind packages are even harder to decipher then before..

Go get them!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PP03A "Attack" "Not" Thrust hitting the water!

iGear's new MP seeker jets are hitting the water. My Favorite of the bunch being Thrust is seen here in all his Masterpiece glory.

At $130.00USD he isn't cheap, but compared to Takara's $200 price point this is a steal.

While pre-orders are not up yet, you can be sure I will post when they are available.
They also have PP03-J Jet ( not Ramjet) and PP03-E Elegy ( Not Dirge )
Check them out on iGear's site.

TFC "Heavy Labor" color pics released.

The second Constructicon from TFC is "Heavy Labor" aka Longhaul now has color pics courtesy of
web page. The second of six Constructicons that will ultimately combine to form a "not" Devastator more then 14 inches tall. Not only that, it will also be heavly articulated and come with massive amounts of value. Not too mention a future value that will no doubt be high.

Image courtesy of jeffyzhong's weibo page

Pre-order these guys, Exgraver is already almost history.

find yours at either...

Big Bad Toy Store



New iGear pre-orders are up!

BBTS (Big Bad Toy Store) and TFsource have up up pre-orders for thier new figure offerings.
The new offerings include

PP05W ( not Iron Hide )
PP05M ( not Ratchet )
MW-01 ( not Seaspray )
MW-02 ( not Pipes )

Although they are somewhat expensive for a voyager class sized figure, this maybe the best versions of these characters in their G1 form ever made, and possibly forever...

You can order these now at either

More detailed pictures can be found at iGears website..